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gor’s Construction was born out of a IGOR’s Siding, registered by the owner in 2003 in Philadelphia, PA initially specializing in siding installation or removal. As the company grew, adding up years of experience, it’s area of specialty expanded accordingly.
As the economy of our country began to struggle, so did the homeowner. Realizing that the energy preservation, weatherization and appearance of environmentally friendly products was the cue for the modern home improvement practices, Igor’s Construction has adopted accordingly.

We are aware of the new technological breakthroughs in different areas of construction and are implementing them for our customers who request it. In a decade of doing business, we are proud to state that we have not had a dissatisfied customer, which is the fact that we proudly announce.

Mainly operating in Massachusetts (where we are currently based) we are able to reach wide variety of customers. As we always say at Igor’s – let us make you happy!

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